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Who Am I?

Welcome! My name is Hannah Schafer (she/her/hers), a lifelong learner, needlework hobbyist, and asker of big questions. I am currently pursuing my M.A.T. in Secondary Mathematics at Georgia State University, set to graduate in Spring of 2022, and teaching at the historic Frederick Douglass High School.

To be a teacher was the first dream job I ever had, and I am lucky to live my childhood aspiration every day. Here, you will find an archive of my teaching accomplishments and artifacts, as well as materials and information for current students.

Who Am I?
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I am a proud Georgia Institute of Technology alumna, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on Strategy & Innovation and a minor in Leadership Studies. During my senior year, I faced an internal dilemma, as most college seniors do, about what career I truly wished to pursue. It was in that reflective period that I found my answer: teaching! In completing my undergraduate program, I acquired many skills that transferred surprisingly seamlessly to the classroom, like data analysis, public speaking, and effective collaboration.

Now, I am studying pedagogical theory and higher mathematics in a program that prepares middle and high school teachers for urban school settings. At the same time, I have the wonderful opportunity to apply what I am learning in my own classroom at Frederick Douglass High School, where I teach Pre-Calculus and Geometry.


Plan for Growth

As I progress in my teaching career, it is vital that I resist complacency and continue to approach my role with fresh eyes. To do this, I strive to reflect critically on my previous teaching experiences and challenge methods and techniques that are being practiced simply because "that is the way it has always been done." Since my undergraduate degree is in Business Administration, I have personally experienced multiple applications of the mathematics I teach, and I aim to discover many more ways math may touch my students' lives within and beyond high school. My goal is to be experimental and student-centered in my approach to teaching and learning, and to remain willing to try new things in the classroom. As long as I am a teacher, I will also be a student.

Plan for Growth




Skills & Interests


Georgia State University


Georgia Institute of Technology


Frederick Douglass High School


Pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching, Mathematics Education.

GPA: 4.00

Obtained Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a focus on Strategy and Innovation and a minor in Leadership Studies.

GPA: 3.96

Pre-Calculus Content Lead

  • Integrated educational technology platforms to foster digital literacy in a math context

  • Served on the principal's advisory committee

  • Created digital, automated tracking and visualization system for managing student data

  • Increased student self-efficacy in math from an average of 2.8 to 4.2 out of 5

  • Maintained weekly family newsletter

  • Coordinated the logistics for the 2021 commencement ceremony for 200+ graduates

  • Led a professional development session on using OneNote to increase student accountability during virtual learning

SQL, Tableau, Excel, JavaScript, Desmos, Google Education Suite

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