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Additional Evidence of
Teacher Preparedness

Professional Memberships
Professional Responsibility

To demonstrate my commitment to this profession, I have joined the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the Georgia chapter of the National Education Association. See my NCTM membership card and my NEA membership confirmation below.

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Awards & Recognition
Professional Responsibility

Through Georgia State University, I was granted the Excellence in Mathematics Teaching Award. See the award letter linked below.


Instructional Feedback
Instructional Practice

The cycle of feedback and implementation is critical to my growth as an educator. Linked below is the feedback from two separate observations provided by two separate observers: my supervisor from Georgia State University and my mentor teacher at Frederick Douglass High School. Both observers used an INTASC-aligned rubric provided by Georgia State University.


Classroom Media
Learner & Learning

See the two slideshows below to view photos taken during instruction and read student testimonials.

Students are exploring a virtual reality environment using VR headsets. Following this activity, students created their own. This was the culminating activity for the unit on matrices, in which students learned that transformation matrices are the backbone of 3D animation and virtual/augmented reality.

Ty'Lon, Senior

She’s a excellent teacher and works with all her students.